Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Book Descriptions that Repel Me

Words in a book description which will pretty much guarantee I'll never read the book:

1.  Apocalyptic
2.  Holocaust
3.  Zombies
4.  Nazis
5.  Incest
6.  Werewolves
7.  Dystopian
8.  Survivalist

Are there descriptive words that will make you turn tail and run away from a book?

Monday, September 29, 2014

List #1

A few years ago, I came across a book of lists.  And maybe it's just me (or maybe not, as someone thought it was worth publishing) I find lists fascinating and thought provoking.  I see someone else's list and think, what would be on my list?  And after that, I started a private blog for myself that I called "listing sideways," to keep track of lists I'd make of various things.  I drifted away from it after a while, but kept making my lists in journals and notebooks and other places on my computer.

I recently decided that I'd like to get back to keeping my lists.  And now, I see list prompts everywhere I turn!  I have made list of lists to make!

So, to christen the first entry in this new Lists page, here we go.  The topic for today is Things to Love About Singing in a Chorus

1.  Singing makes me happy.
2.  I love the chorus people -- I've met great friends.
3.  I like learning about music.
4.  I'm learning about the techniques of singing better.
5.  To my surprise, I'm discovering I'm a pretty good singer.
6.  I get exposed to new music.
7.  I discover new things in songs I already know.
8.  It's fun to watch people listen to us sing when we perform.

Have you started something new, and discovered some things you love about it?  Share your list of what you love about it in the comments!